Archidesign on-line over 130 sq m

Over 135 sq m

… in 3 steps!


A ⇒  To access the service simply fill out the online FORM request and send it. Then send to our email  the photos of the rooms to be renovated along with a planimetry, and the considerations that you feel are necessary (e.g. any new use of an environment, style and favourite colours).

B ⇒  Just the time to check the material you send to us, and we will reply with an e-mail confirmation that the request will be taken over;

C ⇒  Upon receipt of our e-mail confirmation, you can pay on line by counting yourself the amount  based on the square meters of your home.


 What we offer

Planimetria e distribuzione degli arredi
Plan with distribution of the furniture

Within two weeks from notification of payment, you will receive the project directly to the e-mail address that you provided,  together with:

  • plan with the distribution of the furniture
  • perspective views 
  • guidance on furniture and design that are needed to realize the project
  • ideas and tips on materials, colours etc.
  • a cost estimate based on the proposals we have made


Indicazioni arredi oltre 130 mq PDF      Indicazione Arredi oltre 130 mq I PDF         


Which colours would you like for your spaces?


from gray to blue

 Colori grigi


from moss green to arsenic green

dal muschio al verde arsenico 


from cyclamen to plum

I rosa


from ocher to scorched earth                                                




Also indicate if any of our projects you especially loved!



Terms and conditions of service


Request Form




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