Welcome to Archedy

Welcome to Archedy

My  name is Edy Abete, I live in Roma and Archedy is the synthesis between the different faces of my professional life and my way of being.

Archedy is the link between the creative work as an interior designer in the architectural studio Architetti Abete with my brothers,  and the research activities for the Faculty of Esteticas of the University of Mexico City, with the publication of articles and lectures on art and history.

Why a blog? Because I have been working for years to enhance with beauty and aesthetic balance the homes that I have renovated,  and environments that surround me; I also propose in furnishings the same balance between harmony and functionality, firmly convinced that they can improve our daily lives. 

In short,  I am convinced as the Prince Miskin in “The Idiot” by Fedor Dostoevsckij  that “Beauty will save the world”, or at least will make it a nicer place to live in…..  and I think that everyone, with a little help, can create his own spaces with more comfort and personality.

This online service is dedicated to those who are ready to “do it themselves”, and no matter with any large or small budget, it allows to create a new look for their home.

Insights, ideas and inspirations can come from different sections in which I review the materials that I have used, the places that I have visited, craftsmen and products that I have personally tested.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work and let Beauty and Harmony enter our homes!




If you wold like to get in to touch, please  email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

For updates please visit my Facebook page Archedy or follow me on my Pinterest board Edy Abete





All contents and photos on this website are protected by copyright (art.6 L. 633/41) and cannot be used without permission. 

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