Oleana, The Factory by the Fiørd

Momenti di ispirazione/ Moments of inspiration

Factory by the Fjord


A spectacular nature and fjords penetrating for kilometers inside the land, creating breathtaking scenery; along the west coast of Norway near Bergen, a couple of creative people has realized the dream of their lifetime: to revive the old tradition in a modern textile and its decorative elements….

The result is Oleana, a knitted garments factory surrounded by water, and built in total respect for the  environment and for the people who work there. Its clothing of bright colors, and warm blankets with original mix, have been exported successfully for years around the world. Signe Aarhus and Kolbjørn Valestrand receive continuing inspiration from the nature that surrounds their home town, and their holiday home on the Hardanger Fjiord.



The Bergen harbor, in the background the ancient buildings of the Hanseatic League


foto 8 la casa di città CIMG5266

The home town in Bergen


foto 2 CIMG8746

The Oleana Factory on the Fiord


foto 5

Blanket from Oleana collections


foto 12 la casa sul fiordo di Hardanger CIMG5425

The holidays home in the Hardanger Fjiord


foto 13 CIMG5402

View from the living room


traditional Norway blanket





Pesca nel Fiordo

Fishing in the Fjord


Tramonto Sunset in the Fiord

The sunset


Brindisi di mezzanotte CIMG5407

After fishing: a toast to the Midnight Sun



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